Through the analysis of any workflow system we design automation projects applicable to any electric motor, consisting in looking for the most efficient operation point. We determine the best solution and brand depending on the application.



The most EFFICIENT way to control the pump’s flow and reduce the energy transferred to the fluid is adjusting the speed of the pump.


This is made through:


  • Adjust of the variables (pressure, differential between pressure and flow, TEMPERATURE) of the system as the process demands.

  • Maintains the OPERATIONAL efficiency ah high as possible and reduces the flow bypass losses.

  • There can be configured up to 8 pumps in the system, alternation pump control, it can replace existing mechanical pump systems. (Choke valve, bypass, PRV or any other regulation method).

  • Master-slave control.

  • Protects the pumping systems from: Pipes block, overloading of the pump and excessive wear.

  • Available cabinets for severe industrial environment, in and outs (analogics and digitals), LCD digital operator, memory operator.