We specialize in making energy efficiency projects combined with aesthetic design and the best return on investment. We are always looking for the best technology for each niche market niche. Each project we deliver is a combination of specialized lighting technologies, to generate the best solution and turnkey project. We also offer a service of automation and control of lighting.



Soraa challenges the world of engineering through its LED technology and optics through its perfect crystalline structures. Excellent color rendering (CRI 95). Similar to natural sunlight, the Soraa LEDs contain all the colors in the visible spectrum, revealing the true colors of the surroundings. Simply perfect light, is ideal for shops, restaurants, hotels and home lighting.




  • Violet emission technology triphosphate to achieve full visible light spectrum.

  • Natural white light that ensures real and accurate representation of whites.

  • IRC 95 in order to ensure the enhacement of colors.

  • Optical emission spot offers a uniform light beam high intensity and clear individual shadows.

  • Robust and reliable for applications such as closed housings for indoor and outdoor. 

  • Dimmable


Founded in 2009, Greenstar started operations dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of LED lighting fixtures for commercial applications and outdoor lighting around the world. Since 2012 it's part of the Toshiba Group. Their products are specifically designed to operate with the electrical conditions in America and therefore ensure greater reliability and durability. They offer exceptional value through innovative product line for street lighting and industrial applications.


  • High-end products for sodium vapor replacement from 400W to 70W.

  • External surge protection system that guarantees lower maintenance costs.

  • Innovative and aesthetic design.

  • Self-regulating system using sensors instead of photocells.

  • Meets national and international standards.

GE provides innovative solutions and the latest LED technology blended with an elegant design and creates an ideal solution for warehouses and industry because of their cost and innovative optical system.


- Energy savings of up to 90%.

- Ideal for industrial and heavy duty.

- Designed to prevent dust.

- Optical measurement from 20 ° to 120 °.

- Lighting lossless corridors.

- +100 Years experience in lighting.

- High-end models and products.

Manufacturer of LED technology, specialist in offering the best quality lighting fixtures on the market for high- and low power, with a CRI of +90 as other solutions offer a CRI of 70, this ensures the highest visual performance and comfort to our customers, achieving additional added value superior to any LED available solutions in the market.



5500K CCT & CRI 70-75, washed colors, white floor


4000K CCT & CRI 90-95, perfect color perception


 CCT 5615K, CRI71 & R9:-22

Low color definition


CCT 4213K, CRI92 & R9:82

High definition color, a perfect perception of red, yellow and green


- Manufactured in Mexico.

- CRI + 90.

- Efficiency over 120 lm/W



CRI95: Pure white left roof


CRI70: white-green right roof

VLED solution for gas stations and roofs

Philips Lighting is the global market leader with considerable experience in the manufacture and application of innovative lighting solutions. Our range of Philips products allow us to offer a specialized solution because it has a range of solutions designed for industry, street lighting, stage lighting, decorative, home, business, with exceptional support, WiFi systems and remote control.


- High aesthetic design.
- Compatible with almost all dimming and control systems.
- Ideal for stage lighting.
- Specialized for different types of industry range.
- Decorative lighting with high light output.
- Control ystems compatible with Android and iOS.

CREE is leading the LED lighting revolution. It is the largest distributor of LEDs in the world. CREE was the first to commercialize the blue LED on the market since 1989, its LEDs have continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. CREE also has received thousands of patents in more than twenty countries around the world. CREE creates visual products and attractive spaces with low energy consumption.


- TrueWhite® Technology. It offers a unique combination of efficiency, greater than 90 in CRI and color temperature consistent. Beautiful white light with high color rendering.
- NanoOptic® patented technology. Light control offers more lumens in the target area, improved uniformity and high brightness with opening control light.
- More than 110 lm / W.
- High aesthetic value.
- High color rendering index (CRI +90)

-DeltaGuard® finishing. Providing ultraviolet light resistance, corrosion resistance, high salinity protection.
- No glare.
-National and international certifications, more than 6000 hours, meets international standards.
- Ideal for public lighting, low and very high power and coastal areas.
- Better use of lighting in accordance with market rules.

It offers LED solutions that are easy to install and have a reliable operation. LUNERA designs, assembles and markets high performance LED lamps that replace traditional lighting technologies that are obsolete. It allows simply direct replacement without changing the complete fixture (retrofit).


- Instant start with existing ballasts.
- Ideal for installations already made.
- Direct replacement without changing the fixture or the ballast.
- IRC than 84.
- Designs available for both horizontal and vertical applications.
- More than 900 lumens output (equivalent to a fluorescent 26W).

Sodium vapor


Digital Lumens manufactures the only intelligent LED lighting system fully integrated in the world. This intelligent LED lighting system that has won awards around the world, achieves up to 90% energy savings compared to conventional lighting technologies.
LightRules® management software provides the flexibility to meet the unique settings for each installation and reports on key metrics (energy use, occupancy, daylight savings) for verification and easy measurement.

Independent LED bars modules

Integrated occupancy sensors

LightRules® Software

Wireless connection

Integrated daylight harvesting

Integrated power measurement

Through our experience we have developed a line of high quality LED lighting products but with a focus on the economy of our customers. Our product comply the highest standards of quality and can provide an excellent solution for lower specication projects.

- High quality.
- 5 year warranty.
- CRI of 95.
- For indoor and outdoor installations.
- Versatility of products.
- Technology with a highly competitive price.
- Ideal for projects with retrofit luminaires.